gully good synergy – on faerie wings

on faerie wing

(to my gully good muse)


“…something is there, hidden in the deep

but whose child it is i do not know

it came even before God.”

-Lao Tzu


you that increase my span on gully wings

with the ear of our original hart

no eye but mine yet reflects your beauty

your wings of fire animate the boson


you are this strangeness of monotony


with your fey wings astonishment unfolds

cataracts into sacramental wine

no lips but mine taste your fermentation

your womb of darkness incubates our love


that strangeness of duplicity we are


of triplicity are we that strangeness


of clouds unveiling immortality

within our dark soul  matter incubates

nurturing cinders into galaxies

without our love the kosmos has no strings


we are this strange familiarity


the secret wings feathering the boson

no beauty but yours ravishes my truth

as the chanson of undying goodness

i increase your splendor on faerie wings


weaving imaginary awakenings

chétien marc valentin

(© 25 juni 2014)

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