new threads in the tapestry – fourth poem

a midnight hymn

(with gratitude to leonard cohen)

“I listen at night.”

                                -Robert Lax



it’s a broken alleluia

my love

is it your hart breaking or it is mine

i am here for you, are you here for me

i sing

it’s a broken alleluia


my gentle hart knows but thing one for sure

it loves as one though tempted by many

what is it that just you would have me do

your lovers thirst and i am full of love


for love

it’s a broken alleluia

for just what purpose was i made to sing

a song that perhaps only you can hear

listening i hear your listening sing i hear

it’s a broken alleluia


how can i know the song i hear is true

my love

i know that  you love me

my love

your song tells me to love a little more

to be the first to be content with less

the less you give is more than i can bear

you know i dream of knowing how to love

that my dull dreams are bright visions of you

is it your voice singing in the garden

the silence shattering into laughter

is it your hart or is it mine breaking

the stillness into velvet tears of joy

my love

you know that i love you

my love

what can a broken hart know about truth


it’s a broken alleluia

i sing

singing of listening it is then i hear

a harmony such as true lovers sing

to sing to you i was made on purpose

to sing

it’s a broken alleluia


i hear your heavy breath in the garden

but sometimes during the day i lose the way

i falter over all your distractions

are you

here i am there we are

am i

i am your lover for such a short time

but my love for you is love forever

i am

as you love forever

we are

different things that are still quite the same

sometimes during the night i find the way

i find myself singing in the garden


it’s a broken alleluia

i sing

you wait there for me as i search for you

did i break your hart or did you break mine

my love

it’s a broken alleluia


in the midnight i hear your soft breathing

your whisper starts my gentle hart beating

there may or may not be a god above

nonetheless i sing as you sing in me



                broken alleluias


alleluia beloved alleluia

mark christopher valentine

(may 11, 2004)

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