new threads in the tapestry – fifth poem

romeo sings to juliet

(to guilia – regina twelve)

“I am that.”

-Sri Nisgaradattta


another glass is broken but not

my promise to love you forever and

beyond whatever such silly words as those

might just now or tomorrow mean

i mean what i have never yet said

or not by most at least by neither lying

nor not still lying i cannot yet  sing sweetly

in that key wherein i hear your hart beating

echoing my song in your song of my hart of harts

you are the only hart of my clean  hart

hart of all these broken harts unbroken

before whom your unbroken hart now yields

as we yield all my bright love to your dark

love is always deeper than just this love

for your love is already not that love so

even by hiding you cannot stop my singing

nor at most by not doing doing more at

least we  can never stop our ancient ways are

nothing if not this love loving love that


us kissing between two snowflakes melting

mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(© 25 may 2012)

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7 Responses to new threads in the tapestry – fifth poem

  1. EmBeth says:

    I like this poem. I hear it as a song. It was first written in 2012? All this spirit stuff is a warm blanket over sensual stuff.


    • …really? perhaps i will then have to attempt to set it to music…another muse (margarita) asked me to set a poem to music but i have yet to be able to integrate my music & poetry as did one of my heros, Gustav Mahler did so eloquently…do you adore That M my M of ms? 🙂


  2. EmBeth says:

    Fully resonates; SO touching…


    • …that you find resonance with poem is fascinating because – as i hope the title suggests – in it i am working towards the understanding that love is both the source & (to steal dylan thomas’ words) the force that drives the green fuse through the rose…at Mass recently Father John (my Spiritual Director) said that as life is love so love is life…the dedication is to two roses who were not (my) muses but wanted to be…^^~~~~


  3. EmBeth says:

    The broken glass!


    • …ah! a beautiful metaphor because bi-focal…usually a glass is broken accidentally but i will never forget the moment at a jewish wedding i once catered when the groom shattered the wedding glass (the sefirot?) symbolic of a love making another new beginning…always we begin again, my beloved M of m…^^~~~~


    • this exclamation begs an explanation, bashert!


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