the dutch mirror – spring trio iii


such secret suchness**

“Too late, O Ancient Beauty, have I loved thee…”

                                                -St. Augustine



my love asked my love for a song of love today


just this one taste my longing lately grasps

that no more leads the path from me to you

all secret doors at last are thrown open

where starlight melts silence into music


it is not possible your face to fade

darker love wrinkling cracks not gently held

brighter longing seeking not discovers

rose and thistle do not equally sing


yet sing as i of love never the same


an empty mirror floats on a pure pond

wherein unbroken dreams the moon reflects

the golden sun piercing her silver heart

midnight tears transform ever dawning bliss


birds declare such love as ever the same


clouds weeping raindrops dissolve into light

brightest longing seeking not discovers

darkest love in pieces falls held too tight

it is not possible such beauty fade


my love whispered my love such a love song today


while starlight falls silence becomes music

all secret doors at last love throws open

all golden paths melt into emptiness

just this one taste my longing lately grasps


there is already always enough suchness

my love whispered to my love such secrets today

of beauty already ancient always new

such secret suchness within all i am all you


mark emmanuel christopher valentine

(may 29, 2005)

** ten (beats is a mystical number of beats per line – two fives, as such expressive of nonduality and completeness as  in ten white beads: eleven (two ones side by side) beats per line is a prime number of mystical oneness as in transcendence of emptiness (such suchness or the emptiness of emptiness)  as in beyond the interior castle (seven being ‘the perfect number’.




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