duets with other poets – muags

duets with poets – MUAGS


“…still but not yet…”

                -Father John Fitzgerald



Got those Horseshoe Bend renderings

the tao meaders through the tao

in my pre-frontal cortex

in the castles of our harts

a mixture of catharsis

and rapture

agony and ecstasy drink one cup 

inspired by nature which momentarily

infused with spirit that persistently

makes me grasp the concept

grants creatures consciousness

be here now

wei wu wei do by undoing 

so hard though for my mutated mind

drifting into clouds of unknowing

to find that significance

still grasping yet ungrasping

during my daily lows while

amidst midnight dreams as

walking by the potholes

so drifting in the abyss

and hobos offering

liberation as

their distorted hands

so wisdom reaches

for my coins and


they are wearing better shoes than I

being barefoot never stop wandering


as jesus says to thomas ‘”Be passers-by”

as kwan yin says to siddartha “All concepts are empty”

as lao tzu says to creatures “Being rests upon non-being”


chrétien marc valentin

(© 22 mai 2014)


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