duets with other poets – robert okaji

Jackboy’s Pride

the magicke of prospero’s ariel

“…dogs are gods…”

 – anonymous



Through patience,

beyond gracefulness

recognition eases in: the patterns

trustfulness trumps mere trustworthiness the spirals

of repetition and praise

the recognition and blue ribbon applause

and joy in task. The orange ball. A scorpion’s

threat dissolves into camaraderie the chimney descent your

tail. How we delight in sharing each

otherness and the dust beneath each playful paw dansing

victory. And with the breeze

rippling through your glistening coat

runs other unspoken tales – a neighbor’s

sadistic pleasures and of course the fleas and ticks such

cruelty, bones, the pregnant raccoon

such majesty as yours has no taste for vacuous vengeance

lumbering through the cedars. But nothing

lurking in human depravity either dampens or 

deters the jump and the following drop.

the chase of pheasants and wilde turkeys  

He nips heels where none exist. We follow

your magicke ever quickens our taste

not for the hunt but the wonder of the endless chase


chrétien marc valentin

(© 01 juli 2014)

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