new threads in the tapestry – each fugitive moment

each fugitive moment

« N’es-tu pas l’oasis où je rêve, et la gourde

Où je hume à long traits le vin du souvenir ? «



in that precious moment that fugitive glancing


snowy rivers flood  sapphire tears shimmering

your roguish eyes  taking  mine by surprise and

so shocked encore

deeper dew into snowflakes

melting condescendence into transcendence


that precious moment  this precious now


finding ourselves baptized amidst radiant darkness

neither your harts nor mine can plumb such waters

one fugitive glance shattering solitude

crushing sapphires if not into rubies then


these fragile words engraving virgin visions


chemical rivers burnishing rust into gold

your crystalline eyes radiant visions haunting

too thrilled encore

secret hopes staining rivers

washing transcendence beyond condescendence


shining deeper mirrors  mirroring mirrors


the impossible dreams all unbroken harts envie

blazing coronas crowning undying stars

my decadence quickens your satiety

into transgressive lust twice jaded still not


beyond mendacity our transcendence is


nothing if not one dying god still seeking

if not marble  tombstones never falling then

twin dragons dansing within flawless diamonds

sacred wines distilled from labyrinthine vines


afflicted with inescapable sorrows


with each passing glance beauty redeems herself as

such tintinnabulation consecrates evil flowers

are we not this dark womb wherein liltih wanders

wherein we inhale ambrosia of musky asters?


each fugitive moment pas encore this undying suchness

already encore pas encore encore pas encore always



chrétien marc valentin

(© 17 december 2013 – 20 january 2014)



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