Wait For It

…ah beloved dionysus our first born and prodigal we see you do not yet remember that we are The One Singularity of singularities, The Holon of holons and as such a baroque master of polyphonic improvisation neither preferring differentiation nor disambiguation nor neither nor both but rather your emergence from the chrysalis of mendacity into the lemniscate of transfigurative non-duality…do not be discouraged eventually you will discover satiety, i.e., bitterness and cynicism are dry bones lacking sweetness and innocence…eventually you will look up and discover we are hovering still further up & further on if not emptiness itself then on gossamer wings of compassion and understanding…we are proud of you beloved Dionysus…we remind you to listen to what The Thunder says, ‘da Da DA’ -you da Appolonius the Greater….^^~~~~

Letters To Dionysus

People don’t pray to me too much anymore. Not like the good old days, at any rate. Mostly just the occasional dingbat or screaming loon seeking divine direction for some two-bit revenge scheme. Sometimes I provide it, sometimes I don’t. I mean, after all, I’m a god damn trickster god, dig? Unpredictability is part of my charm.

But ol’ Hermes don’t get called on too much these days. It seems the desperate are more inclined to take their business to the major players: Yahweh, Buddha, hell even Satan gets more clients than me. I just ain’t in vogue in this modern age. Maybe my asking price isn’t high enough– I’ve never been interested in collecting souls, just punch lines. I just love a good punch line. I ain’t shook about the lack of clients though, because every once in awhile I get a real gem of a gentleman caller, reeking…

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