autumns symphonies – a pas de deux of ancient lovers movement iii

Parole de Les Coeurs Tendres:

A  Pas de Deux of Ancient Lovers

(to my Muse of muses)


“My beloved is as a fawn or young hart:

Behold, she danses upon the walls,

She gazes down from the rose window,

Unveiling her wonderment amidst wonders.”

-Canticles 2.9 (transliteration by Broeder Emmanuel, OSB)


Y en a qui ont le cœur dehors

these are those whose one hart remains outside

Et ne peuvent que l’offrir

this empty hart is this pearl without price


Le cœur tellement dehors

this hart inside which all other harts dream

Qu’ils sont tous à s’en servir

is that one hart that carries all lovers home


Celui-là a le cœur dehors

these two are this heart that remains outside

Et si frèle et si tender

as it is fragile so it is supple so


Que maudit soient les arbres morts

like but unlike all these cursed dead trees

Qui ne pourraient point l’entendre

that point where stars cannot but hear angel wings


A pleins de fleurs dans les yeux

these dull eyes are full of flowery clouds

Les yeux à fleur de peur

those eyes are full of thistles and sharp thorns


De peur de manquer l’heure

for fear they are lacking the hours to find

Qui conduit à Paris

that one hart that leads all lovers to paris


in paris you and i are always dansing

as we are neither beginnings nor endings so

we are never not found not kissing in bethlehem


chrétien marc valentin

(© 06 juli 2014)

(movement iv follows tomorrow)

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