gully good synergy – verseau (astrology just for the fun of it)

(English below)


Son element l’air

Sa planete: unranus

Sa couleux: argente

Sa pierre: sapphire

Son metal: le chrome

Aquarius, the water carrier.


The bringer of water and so the sustainer of as life so love,  of as love so life.

Its Element:             Air


Air is associated with the Breath of Divine and so Higher Levels of Spiritual Consciousness, i.e., In one of the two Genesis Creation Myths of the Bible, mankind is created on the sixth day after all the other creatures of creation.  In both Isaiah and the Psalms the Divine is seen to lift up the righteous on eagle’s wings; that is, to be the air that makes flight or spiritual (psychological gestalt) ascent possible.  In Kabbalah, the individuated Ruach (Breath) Soul emerges out of the collective Nefesh (Animal) Soul shared by all creatures who walk on the dry-land.  Hence, Sacred Bathing as in the Ganges and Baptism in Holy Waters are sacred ritual rites of spiritual passage.


Its Planet:                Uranus


Uranus is traditionally associated with Divine force that calls the dreamer or sleeper back to wakefulness.  It is a force that is believer to catalyze transfigurations in the assent of consciousness from one caste or level to the next as in from the Ruach Soul to the Neshamah Soul in the Kabbalah.


Its Colour:                Argent


The colour argent represents intuition, imagination and illusion (fifty shades of grey).

The traditional argent colour meaning is that of full moon synergy with the water in which its image is often mirrored.

The meaning of argent is also associated with mystery, femininity and female power.

The colour argent is often seen as a sophisticated colour and along with gold it represents wealth and riches. As gold is warm and is associated with the sun and masculine energy so argent is the opposite being cool, linked with the moon and female energy. 

Argent is an incredibly spiritual precious metal containing healing and health boosting energies. It gives a sense of balance and helps with mental, emotional and physical releasing and cleansing. In colour therapy and colour healing argent is used to help traditional women’s problems such as painful periods, gynecological ailments, hormonal imbalances and breast tenderness.

Argent has a fantastic magical energy with the ability to energize Crystals. It has strong associations with the Moon and is used in Magic rituals and spells, particularly around the full moon phase.


Its Stone:                 Sapphire

verseau6 The Logan Sapphire

Sapphires are associated with sincerity and faithfulness. In Isaiah 54:11, the Old Testament writer describes laying “foundations of sapphires,” it traditionally a gem representing truth and fidelity.

Its Metal:                  Chrome

verseau7 dafree whitewolfe logo

As a verb, to chrome something is to it protect from corrosion, to its enhance durability and reduce abrasive wear and tear.  As an adjective, it also has the quality of being used to attract attention for its light refractive and mirroring qualities.   As a noun, it is one of the most rarely chosen for use as a name suggestive of rarity or scarcity as in a precious metal.  Its colour falls within the spectrum of argent making for a complete or full circle suggestive again of the full moon.

-dafree whitewolfe(© 09 juli 2014)

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