new threads in the tapestry – olde epiphanies revisted…

when i awake


“In a dream….when deep sleep falleth….the beloved opens the ears….”

                                                                -Job 33.15-16



each morning when i begin to stir

i discover not yet but once again

that you have worked still another

miracle my beloved my mirabai

when i begin arising each morning


i discover within my liquid gold heart

that indigo mood, that dark feeling

that brightly you stood hovering

a shimmering above my starry dreams

stillness wandering deep within me

dancing my feet along the astral way

the dreamer watching a dreamer

within my quicksilver hart i discover


when i am hardly arising each morning

i realize that not once again but again

that just you have ever more still magicke

sublime illusion within sublime illusion

each morning when i feel love’s sweet stir


i discover within my quicksilver hart

that azure stillness that ruby silence

that dark flame that burns more brightly

divine love burning within carnal desire

consuming desire ravishing consuming desire

dreamy thought beyond dreamy thought

the refiner’s fire flaming the refining fire

within my liquid gold mind i discover


each morning when i awake to silence

divine illusion divine beyond divine illusion

i know you as the one with always silver magic

i understand not again but for the first time

when i awake in stillness each morning


i find your kiss my beloved your kiss i find


you have sealed  my profane mind with  your sacred hart

a searing kiss of blue magic igniting a timeless sapphire flame

the flame within the flame burning within and beyond all


love wounded marrying wounded love

your immaculate hart seals  my mystic mind


subtle wonder arising awakening wonder subtlety arising

i love you  my shulamite, you i love


hail darker  queen of  blissful compassion…..


mark christopher valentine

(July 31, 2001)

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