the dutch mirror – a psalm of exile from abbey sion (to the Muse of muses)

a psalm of  exile from abbey sion

(to the Muse of muses)

“…for there our captors there asked of us songs,

our tormentors demanded songs of joy;

they said, ‘Sing us one of the songs of Zion!’”

-Psalm 137.3


as silkworms weaving

love’s chrysalis so

with our sorrows dying

amidst life’s cruel threads

winding unbinding

round on round we burn

on a  wheel of fire


cut through our lusts

these burning threads

teach us your way

beyond these ways


your love white as jasmine so


prune this orchard

fertile with fruit and weeds


it is your vineyard

seat of rage site of

ambush temple of

passion well of tears

mask of suffering


turn water to wine

the sun’s golden juice

the moon’s silver tears

quenching desert sands

unbinding winding

we danse round and round

wheels of holy fire


like wilde elephants

lilith’s poachers slay

for their ivory tusks

we have lost our way


yet our vines greener than jade


climb your snowy

mountain of compassion

we are your peacocks

wings in a wire cage

perched on a high wire

lacking canticles

lamentations ring


your love as sapphires so


larks ascending amidst

nightingales sighing

our suchness undying

winding unbinding

round around we turn

wheels of holy fire


ashes to dust

dust to stardust

teach us your way

through these bent ways


our lusts are berries of fire


cauterizing our wounds

breaking iron shackles

unveiling your ancient way

within our wandering ways


our psalms fermenting your desire

-chrétien marc valentin

(© 10 juli 2014)


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