ancient hymns of dafree whitewolfe – iii (Internationally Unrelated)

Internationally Unrelated ( inspired the recollection of an ancient hymn channeled not long after dafree whitewolfe entered the dreamscape of my poetic imagination as an avatar, totem spirit guide and moral and ethical compass. On my spirit quest into the True North Country (Glen Gould) that is Shangri-La in Tibetan Buddhism, that is Shekinah in Judaic Kabbalah, that is PARADISE in Catholic Cabballah (John Milton), etc,..

“We are all in this together..” (Ben Lee)

…but we must AWAKE (Zen Buddhism) to our responsibility to further Social Justice (Catholic Liberation Theology) or our legacy to Posterity is THE WASTELAND (T.S.ELIOT)!

This hymn ultimately morphed into the cycle that is TEN WHITE BEADS.  We are related to one another even if we are denial  of the fact that each of us individually as a Holon (Ken Wilber)  is a VESSEL (Lao Tzu) of the ONE CREATOR SPIRIT (Gustav Mahler) that is THE TAO of Lao Tzu, THE DHARMA of Siddartha Gautama, The Way of Jesus of Nazareth…

…further up & further in…


The Vessel

“All created things cry out, each according to their manner, and say: ‘This is he who abused us.’  The earth says, ‘Why may I not instantly suffocate him?’  The air says, ‘Why do I not deprive him of my benefits?’  Hell says, ‘Why do not my flames devour and inflict on him a thousand tortures?’”

-St. Bonaventure


Because we love neither the gods nor the One God,

Because we honor neither the spirits nor the Great Spirit,

Because we respect neither our mothers nor the Immortal Goddess,

we do not love, honor or respect neither ourselves nor posterity.

It is no wonder then that we do not know how to love all Creatures.

It is no wonder that having mutilated our world

we seek to conquer and destroy the universe.


What will happen to whitewolfe when mankind is no longer?


Because we cleave to the Masculine and deny the Feminine,

Because we hold to the Bright and reject the Dull,

Because we keep to knowledge rather than wisdom, morality instead of truth,

even though we have become Creation’s shining star,

Our flame has shifted from blue, to white, to orange to red.

We are imploding Creation and becoming its black hole.

In our passion to subdue Creatures we destroy that which we would possess.


What will happen to womankind when whitewolfe is no longer?


If we would take up our Cross and become Stewards,

If we would start to walk the Middle Way,

If we would follow the Masters who are our Teachers,

Maybe then we just might discover the Providence that shapes our lives.

Maybe then, if Fate smiles upon us, we will come to see ourselves in all Creatures.

Maybe then, if our mothers and the Goddess are merciful, we will know how to Love, Honor and Respect all Creatures.

Maybe then, but only then, we will remember how to live in the fragile, tender, soft universe without annihilating it.


What will happen to creatures when humanity is no longer?


When and only when we submit to the gods and the One God,

When and only when we yield our spirits to the Great Spirit,

When and only when we surrender as Lovers unto the Beloved,

Then and only then will we know the Universe is a vessel for Spirit,

Then and only then we will find the liberation we so earnestly seek,

Perhaps, at our end, then and only then, will we discover our beginning?

And we will begin to cherish all creatures as ourselves for the first time.


What will happen to womankind when whitewolfe is no longer?

dafree whitewolfe asks you to ask yourself,

What, what we ask you, what do you think will happen if you do nothing?

Will the vessel be shattered and a New Age begin?

A new beginning with creatures lacking mankind?

The gods and the One God are not sentimental.

The Vessel belongs to One Spirit not to humanity.

The Vessel lacking both can be either empty or full.

The Vessel can be shattered but the shards not destroyed.

Will Spirit purge the Vessel of the Universe of human hubris?


Will Spirit make empty the Vessel to fill it anew once more?

Will Silver Wolfe no longer run across sweet Mother Earth no more?


Or will we turn, empty ourselves of ourselves, become simple once again,

like an uncarved block once more, and allow Spirit to carve us into a glorious vase?


Will we allow it to happen that whitewolfe and Humanity are no more?


Lamb of God, who takes away of the world, have mercy on us…Kwan Yin awaken us…come Creator Spirit and Liberate us from our darkness, our Ignorance with your refining fire…


-dafree whitewolfe (2001)

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