the dutch mirror – in southern france, a trio

in southern france

(to the Muse of muses and her shadows)


carrying me home

where deer are summering

in southern france tonight

i sit beneath the moon

thank you, beloved

for oil lamps and lap tops

for stars and monitors

mirabai, thank you

for reconciling all

children awaiting birth

from beyond starlight

`               moonshadows are dancing

while crickets make sweet love

in the soft glowing

another day burns low

at the bottle’s bottom

the sunrise is waiting

for time past and future

for wet dreams and gadgets

to dance on water

reconcile truth and love

satisfy all extremes

in the warm sunlight

of prayers sweeter than wine

my wireless heart sings

beyond tomorrow

where computers make love

our children are laughing

just because of you

rivers run from my eyes

reconciling all things

thank you, beloved

for silicon and trees

for cell phones and shadows

mirabai, thank you

for carrying me home

where stars are glimmering

in southern france tonight


on wings of silicon

in southern france today

where dragonflys make love

we wander through the woods

seeking harmony

where sunlight comes dropping

slowly as green honey

through a golden sieve

made of chips and things

beyond understanding

of sensible things

like midnight butterfliess

charming one another

through noon’s purple glow

here lithium cells fail

where still water runs deep

on the darker side

of time past and future

my beloved is waiting

for shadows to fade

and computers to sing

what only a heart can

in the golden light

of love sweeter than wine

my wireless soul still cries

beyond yesterdays

that cannot be retrieved

where our daughters still dream

just because of me

cyberspace is burning

a flame without a wick

turning lust into stars

on wings of silicon

through copper wires hooting

a lone spider creeps

i swim through muddy waters

in southern france tonight

in search of my beloved



in southern france today

we drift in a river of love

copulate where trout spawn

seeking unity

where interiors meet

batteries charged by the scent

of too much sunlight

ripple into shockwaves

beyond understanding

insensible things

like hard-drives and stroking

pentium processors

beneath the surface

where squirming minnows hope

to shatter the surface

our warm bodies kiss

unite past and future

into a river of bliss

that has no ending

copper wires cannot sing

as silver rivers can

of the golden light

that fuses two lovers

with an immortal kiss

beyond tomorrows

where dreams become nightmares

decaying in the mud

just because of you

i will never go there

where love burns without a wick

i prefer to find you

glowing fireflys in trout

and stars in dragonflys

dancing on my head

summering in south france

where sunbeams and starlight shockwave

through my rippling heart

mark christopher valentine

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2 Responses to the dutch mirror – in southern france, a trio

  1. EmBeth says:

    A soulful, sensual and sumptuous read.
    Thank you for providing a fulfilling journey that we can all take – without physically traveling.


  2. …ah the south of france…it was that summer we started to learn French!


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