duets with other poets – homage to robert okaji

O at the Edges – Shutters VIII

there is just one taste

(with a deep bow to ken wilber)

“…there is a crack in everything…”

-Leonard Cohen


the five platonic solids

Edges, rounded

rounding edgy

and grown thick

groaning and quickening

as if to accentuate

if too accentuatingly so


whispering there is just one taste 



the merit of flavor,

meriting the flavoring of

or to imply, beyond odor,

ordering beneath so as implying

the sublingual text

subtextually semiotically


is there just one taste whispering


*        *

of heat and degradation, the

suchness eating at foundations such

eventual disposition attained

redispositioning eventually unattainable

and perhaps forgotten.

unforgettably still forgivingly


whispering is there just one taste


     *          *

*         *          * 

Taste arrives, unannounced yet certain.

tastefully arriving yet unnaccouncing certainly

disambiguously uncertainty desconstructing


Robert Okaji (http://robertokaji.com/)


there is just one taste whispering


           *           *

      *          *          *

*          *          *           *

chétien marc valentin

(© 12j juli 2014)

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