duets with other poets – homage to john coyote

Ecstasy is agony

(to the Muse of muses and her shadows)

“…Extase! Pour peuler ce soir l’alcolve obscure

Des souvenirs dormant cette chevelure…”

-Charles Baudelaire



is agony

My love, I have found you.

but you have not found me my love

I love you from eyes to feet.

from deeper roots to brighter crowns

Your brightness and sadness I need to know.

my darker wonderment you must yet taste

I want us nude, heart and mind free.

your beauty unveiling unfolding my truth perfecting

The hot and humid nights.

tumid tulips kissing musty roses

Allowed us to sleep with no secrets.

compelling us to awake amidst unknowing clouds

We are complete like a flowing river.

or the cacophony of salmon still migrating

I yearn to touch your face, your breasts, your waist.

seeking your wider hips embracing my narrow magicke 

In the heat of the night.

the nightingale seduces the lark 

My feet touch your feet.

your soul scorching mine

My lips touch your lips.

your thirst parching my thirst

I’m your’s.

tat twam asi

My lovely one.

l’amour vincet alles

You are mine, always.

rather i belong only to you already

Your love enchanted my soul.

lacking me your titania has no oberon

I  kiss your feet, your knees, your stomach.

licking juliet’s thighs sucking her nipples drowning in her eyes we

Caress your curves and whisper.

and then trumpeting exclaiming

My love.

my beloved

Why are you so kind to me?

why are you so cruel to me


-Coyote ( http://johncoyote.wordpress.com/ )

18 Feb. 2009 

-dafree whitewolfe

13* juli 2014

* the lunar calendar has 13 months as every decent kabballist knows -cmv

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2 Responses to duets with other poets – homage to john coyote

  1. EmBeth says:

    For any woman who treats herself to this read: hold on – because this poem anthropomorphically pulsates towards quite a crescendo.


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