new threads in the tapestry – the Muse of muses and her shadows iv

as the master paints the margarita

(shams tabriz sings to  rumi)

“Beauty is defined by the image of your soul.

Taint your beauty, taint your soul.”

-D.D.L. Pinter


to stain your pink lips with my tantric fire

until red petals blush sapphire stardust

until my thirst quickens your thirst for mine

is to taint your soul with poetic lies


so i strive to be seam-less as your womb

a cave in which still forming starlight dreams

a  secret amsterdam or truthful rome

a  hidden paris  or forbidden bethlehem


but my unbroken hart cracks its soft shell

for aeons my lust sang to this or that

but now so great my adoration is

it finds your beauty neither here nor there


i only know we know not who we are

until you see your beauty in my eyes

as then so now we are nothing if not

your deafness dansing my dumbness singing

Mignard La vierge á la grappe, Pierre Mignaud

as the master paints the margarita


chrétien marc valentin

(© may 27 1012)

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