new threads in the tapestry – the Muse of muses and her shadows v (at one ment)

in atonement

(for dawnchild*)

“…when my father and mother forsake me…”

                                                -Psalms 27.10



my love i am opening myself to you


beyond the beautiful people dreaming

of roadhouse cowboys and country divas

lust screaming through intoxicated eyes

within the dreams of drugs and cosmetics


to you my love i am opening myself


after the tympani and the applause

between the backbeat and downbeat drumming

through blasting bugles whispering to silence

before the hoots and caterwauling


opening myself to my love i am you


i am stars probing the midnight garden

the virgin seducing the unicorn

the wise fool dansing with the foolish king

you are the stag wounded in my brave heart


who am i my love my shining dark one


i am the arrow in your trembling hands

you are bethlehem beyond golgotha

the black rose within the transfigured saint

i am your beloved and you are mine


opening myself to you my love i am you

sacrificing yourself in atonement with me


myself to you i am opening my love


within the dreams of cosmetics and drugs

eyes screaming through intoxicating lust

for false madonnas and city slickers

hiding inside the lies they wish were true


my love myself to you i am opening


before the cheers and the encore applause

past silence fading into ecstasy

through the upbeat into the downbeat

after resolution to tranquility


my shining dark one who are you


you are the purple midnight arising

the sacred warrior fallen on his sword

the dying king denying his bastard heir

in all this and more you are as i am


i am opening myself to you my love


you are the sorrow in my praying hands

i am the rose blooming in bethlehem

your transfiguring mind is my pierced hart

you are my dawnchild and we are your da


opening yourself to me my love you are me




sacrificing myself in atonement with you


mark christopher valentine

(september 3, 2004)

*dawnchild is my daughter and i am her ‘da of das’

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