gully good synergy – Jules Delavigne

(english transduction below)

Poème de Jules Delavigne 2010.

Il attend sous la pluie,

Le droit de faire ce qu’il veut de sa vie,

Sa femme lui avait dit de rentrer,

Mais il attend .  

La gare St LazareIl la connait, et pas par hasard,

Les pigeons qui la fréquentent

Tout comme lui, font grise mine,

Ils font ce qu’ils doivent faire

De leurs joursIls regardent, ils attendent …  

Dans le bar du coin, le serveur s’empresse

Avec un minimum de tendresse

Il lui lance : “Bonjour, comment ça va aujourd’hui ?”

Le temps s’arrete un instant,  il cherche sa réponse,

Et comme hier,  il ditQue tout va bien !

invincible ambiguity

(to the Muse of muses & her shadows)

“In the depth of Winter

I finally learned

That there was

In me an invincible summer.”

-Albert Camus



amidst the rain he vacillates

the right to make what he wants of his life

his lover wants him to return

but he vacillates

the train at St Lazare station

promises escape

but not by chance

there are always pigeons there

all like him

are shades of grey

they do what they must do

with their days

they consider and they vacillate


in the bar in the corner the server is quick

with a minimum of sincerity

she prompts him

‘Hey, how’s it goin’ today?’

Time pauses for a fugitive moment

as he considers his answer

but then just like yesterday he says


fine everything is going fine just fine


Poem by Jules Delavigne 2010

(transduction by chrétien marc valentin © 21 mai 2012)

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