new threads in the tapestry – the Muses of muses and her shadows vii (wings of fire)

wings of fire

Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing dismay you.
All things pass.
Love never changes.
Patience attains all it strives for.
She who has love
finds she lacks nothing.
Love alone suffices.
–St. Teresa of Avila


my hart is filled with water

but it will not sink

will not drown


carrion drifts in the surf

seeking the shoreline

the last wave


bleaching in the salt and sun

on the hungry sand

a crab feeds


the horizon glows with orange grief

a raging typhoon



to the decadent embrace

of the setting sun

in all things


love seeks endless refinement

all mortality

hopes for death


a release from suffering

below the surface

pirates dream


of sailing beyond the sun

on wings made of fire



sought freedom from purgation

but fire craves water

death seeks life


freedom is beyond bondage

neither sun nor salt

surf nor dune


neither within nor beyond

the fisherman’s hook

love is found


upon the shifting surface

two lovers bouree

spar & flirt


two ships sailing side by side


at full mast


vessels filled with pirate dreams

sail through the drift of

floating stars


my heart floats in liquid fire

and it will not sink

darker one


it is rich with precious loot

that makes blue waves dance

it is full


beyond the boundaries of dreams

my boundless hart seeks

the last wave


this pirate ship mirabai  burns brightly

she cannot sink with you burning in this hart

thank you darker one for these wings of fire


mark christopher valentine

(november 26, 2003)

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