duets with other poets – madstoffa’s crunchy house!

Still Movement

stillness unmoving

“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

-T. S. Eliot


Leaves fell like rain that day.

leaving us unleafing


A stillness mirroring the

symphony not yet unfolding


Swaying trees.

sybraites whispering in the shadows


Like watching dancers in

a platonic cave of dreamers dreaming


A silent rave.

a cacophony of mysteries


The colour drained from the

dead in the not yet undead


Dead fabric.

this living tapestry where


Loughborough’s sky all bolshy greys and

los angeles not a city angelic but demonic


Bleak foreboding.

an apocalyptic foreshadowing


The tired expressions, cocooned

hard-wired incantations uncacooning


Inside the Swift’s blue skin,

the eggs of l’oiseau bleu incubating


Tried desperately to find a

wing untried winging patiently unfolding a


Valid opinion inside their blancmange

or some sabayon sea of stillness unknowing



Minds for the music that vibrated

like hounds chasing harts in forests enchaunting


Their delicate eardrums.

to the music of ancient white stags unbinding


They had words to express, but

lacking soft pallets they could not sing so


It was easier to vocalize

so much nore reassuring  than to merely articulate


Well rehearsed sentences than

to utter a chord whose overtones are yet unheard


To intelligently spew diatribe

to unknowingly say what the tribe still cannot hear


For another’s chosen music, therefore

nimue always chants her wisdom to merlyn in riddles so



They nodded heads, tapped feet,

as the applause of water and fire clapping circles


Impersonated Finger-bobs and

so pointing to the path of the pathless warrior


Tried to find a reason not turn

nor turning but a double helix is always spiraling


The thirsty car back around.

the unquenchable black stallion already prancing

To a place where used beds

unfolding expose knights and virgins in white satin so


Sang gentle Siren lullabies and

suddenly from deeper silence hamani is harmonizing where


Dreams were of another’s

expectations fulfilling our aspirations our


Bright-blue existence.

our sapphire feathers our transgressive desires

 still2 (the astute will see that davidic star herein, the octahedron or elijah’s ‘chariot of fire’ or maybe just blue suede shoes or dorothy’s magick slippers?)




chétien marc valentin

(© 22 juli 2014)

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9 Responses to duets with other poets – madstoffa’s crunchy house!

  1. cpsingleton42 says:

    Interesting indeed. You’ve taken my poem down a very different road entirely. Well done FANKS!


  2. cpsingleton42 says:

    Very interesting way of re shaping the journey of my poem by the talented dafreewhitewolfe


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