weaving the tapestry – duet v with himani


(note: we have been a Benedictine Oblate (OSB) – that is to say, a secular contemplative – for about twenty years now.  at the hart of Benedictine Spiritual Practice is Lectio Divina, deep insight contemplation of sacred psalms.  to me there is no poetry that is not sacred.  so even so, every so often a poem or even a poet arrests our attention.  this is how the process that is the Practice of Lectio Divina progresses:  1) What is it?; 2) What does it mean?’  3) What does it teach me about myself and my relationship to other creatures?” and 4) Transfigurative Insight.  yesterday we published our 200th post, a duet with mad mad madsoffa and a rollicking magicke mountain of a ride is his poetry.  we intend to visit his candy factory again.  but for now as a moth to a candle, we are drawn each dawn into the gentle ruach wind that is the soul that calles herself, himani b.  if you enjoy the dansing of our free falling fluttering words winging into your mind and hart, please send gratitude to our sister poet!…^^~~~~~)

free fallin’

(to emBeth and her shadows)

“…a soul there is dreaming in the abyss

whose golden child unknowingly we mirror

she being both after and before all gods…”

-dafree whitewolfe


free fallin’

falling freely always freely falling

lacking not misperceptions nor lacking


neither entangling nor untangling

nor either nor both prejudicing for


not fearlessly ungrasping misconceptions

so renouncing conceptions so reflections

in trust

embracing first knowing last unknowing

trusting the faithful the faithless betraying

you leap

emerging from the interior castle

into radiant darkness unfolding

as I catch you

chayyah wings eternally embracing

brusing oroburos still uncoiling

in my dreams


your love refining my love already

sapphire wings incubating once again

himani b tenderheartmusings.wordpress.com

chétien marc valentine

(© 23 juli 2014)

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