weaving the tapestry – duet ii with robert okaji

kwan yin whispering

(to morley beth sobo)

“…fingertips to lips…”

-robert okaji robertolakid.wordpress.com


oh my hanumani

we want to tell you a secret

a secret your dumb harts could not hear

there you are another poet who thinks

who sees deeper than we are

and you are now knowing my darling

you are right here is now this breath unlifting wings

perhaps it is time for all times to see  to hear to

to stop singing  to beginning the too listening

about listening about being about non-being and

to be the silencing of wonderment adoring wonder

as our golden child is always weeping amidst golden stars

this is the wisdom your music teaches your brother of the  sacred packe

you are the diamond  of snow melting into snowflakes


you are my truth melting into chagall  images

chrétien marc valenin

(© 24 juli 2014)

p.s. if  you made it this, far you need to you enjoir Renoir!

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