weaving the tapestry – duet vi with himani b (unifying the threads)


unifying the threads

(to the Muses of muses and her shadows)

“…the highest good is like water…”

-Lao Tzu


brought together by time

timing being nothing absenting spacing

loving verbing pounding nouning loving so

being is realizing we are not-being not

separ-a-t e d by fate

but by our not embracing limpidity

so still exploring not-being as still being

in each other’s hearts they still exist

when finding ourselves still not listening to

rather still jabbering not hearing our too

ancient hart harmoniously still chanting

they still exist

brought together

these two harts are chirality

one ancient hart still chanting


hanumani we are and are not you beloved…


himani b tenderheartmusings.wordpress.com

chrétien marc valentin

(© 24 juli 2014)

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