duets with other poets – Strangers and Poetry (on the lighter side)

Anybody’s Guess

nobody knows

I come from nothing, I return to nothing, I am nothing.”

-St. Ignatius of Loyola


How it got to

we do not give a buck for

Rabbits and eagles

snakes in the grass and weasels

Ladies and such,

lords as ladies betray at brunch

Seagulls and sailors

shrewd scavengers and lewd navigators

Boobs in a clutch,

blue balls in a siren’s crunch

Hidden tattoos

forbidden rendevousz 

Two lips and

amaryllis and tulips on fire and

The Dutch,

even they knowing do not know

How it got to that

why we give an oysterly shuck

Is anybody’s guess.

why nobody knows nothing about this mess

(we are nothing if not nobody)


Stephen Nesbitt © strangersandpoetry.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/anybodys-guess/

From “The Fourth Book”www.StrangersAndPoetry.com


chrétien marc valentin

(© 26 juli 2014)

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