weaving the tapestry – la brujitaaa

undisclosed memories

(to the Muses of muses and her shadows)


“…we are always howling to the moon…”

-dafree whitewolfe

goodmorning4 La Brujitaaa http://lalocabrujita.wordpress.com/


what we wants for this anniversary

is a receipt of  that already given


undisclosed memories


unconditional love as our oneness is

your body more sacred to me than you

your mind more essential  to me than you

your hart more critical to me than you

your psyche more cherished by me than you cherishing


memories undisclothed


not the presents

but the very gift itself

the only gift truly worth accepting


undisclosing memories


unconditional oneness is our longing

my body fully surrendering in yours

my mind completely silent within yours

my hart completely at rest within yours

my psyche fully awakening within yours


memories undisclothing


the very gifting itself

of our presence

the simple gifting that only we can give each othering


is a receipt for that always giving so

on this our anniversary we can only give this gifting


undisclosing understanding


each melting to be so utterly into this teaching

that this goddess sees her god in her mirroring me


thus merlyn is already singing to nimue always…

marc chrétien valentin

(© 29 juli 2014)

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2 Responses to weaving the tapestry – la brujitaaa

  1. EmBeth says:

    And yet another tactile, soaring poem. Beautiful. Wowie.


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