duets with other poets – Gaza, Robert Okaji iii (american corporate capitalisim)

say we were more decent (funny word) than wrote,  just another symbol, right?, joh stewaqrt


ai challenge this asshole to trump our  compassion with his quick but pretension  irony?

what a dehydrated robber baron he pretends not to to be…steven is too busy enjoying filling his bank account pandering to mendacity to keep his tesla  charged to think about social justice!?


”we are fairly certain he will never read this, but even so we re-dedicate this wilde & crayze poem to one of our many heros!  JON STEWART WE LOVE YOU! your permutations of integrity and compassion are endlessly delighting.  cobert nation eat shit and die (i am both jewish and catholic  – u are vulgar and narrow-minded not witty!)


amercican corporate capitalism
(for The Muse of muses and her shadows)

“…the larger your hoard the heavier your losses…”
-Lao Tzu



-marc chagall



wounded knee and auschwitz and nagasaki and now corporate depredations

We presume affliction by census,

we dawn ambivalences like flack-jackets resisting immigrations embracing opressions

whereas light

requires renunciation of atrocities and denunciations suchness  

requires no faith.

whereas remorseless curiosity requires selfless investigations

Is the roofless house a home?

is the empty cathedral a temple of a mere mausoleum

When you call

and we do not pick up the receiver who protects the museum

who answers?

when only nobody is listening to nothingness is it nobody if not

The vulture

absolutely not the eagle let alone the phoenix winging

spreads its wings

those are fodder for howitzers dragnets for drones so darkness itself

but remains on post.

posting shiftings ignorance prevaricating


equivocating bifurcating discriminating

I note minute of angle, windage.

taking aim you meet the enemy in your cross-wires


the undutchable enemy cannot be you lacking unamerican eyes have no

regrets, only tension.

the suspension of endless recollections of ultimate solutions

Breathe in.

breathing out extinctions

inhaling renouncing endless confusions delusions collusions

embracing differentiation within integration leap reaching

leaping beyond words annihilating annihilations assassinations

discovering endless migrations are timeless salvations

transfigurations transforming endless transfigurations


 -marc chagaall

as voltarie is still admonishing let us not forget the atrocities

Robert Okaji, http://robertokaji.com/ (July 27, 2014) 

chrétien marc valentin

(© 1 août 2014)


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