Zionist Crackpot Outside Kedem Shop in Manchester

Zionist Crackpot Outside Kedem Shop in Manchester.

…luv madstoffa! i am both jewish (polish grand-mother survived the pogrom) and catholic, but was an evangelical ASSembly of God protestant: I militate against Fundamentalism wherever I encounter as does my brother of the sacred packe, CP! watch! enjoy! silence your mind open your hart! we are all in this together! violence breeds violence! the sacred warrior has beaten his sword into a cross! …further up & further in…^^~~~~ dafree whitewolfe

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3 Responses to Zionist Crackpot Outside Kedem Shop in Manchester

  1. EmBeth says:

    I, for one, like this guy. He’s got a wink and a smile and I think all who think he’s a crackpot should focus their energies elsewhere. No fight broke out, there was a dialogue. He’s a boxer from Manchester, no doubt. And, as with all boxers, bravado is part of the whole package. Lighten up folks.


    • loverly! truth is the singularity of the circle, as lao tzu teaches, to which all fingers point! deep honour to emBeth, the Muse of muses for expanding our inherent and sometimes pathological narrowness of mindfulness! bisou! our muse!!!


      • EmBeth says:

        I’m apologizing for getting into this fray. I, along with my countless friends and family, have a lot of feelings about this wretched situation. But, our alignment doesn’t reflect the popular sentiment, ie, siding with Hamas and the Palestinians. Therefore, for intellectual, philosophical, practical and spiritual reasons, I am bowing out. This is not the forum/context in which to discuss this. Apologies to dafreewhitewolf’s fellow poet for my espousing on your blog. I will copy and paste this onto dafree’s blog as well.


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