duets with other poets – Simona

Note:  Simona is presently a regular follower of my blog.  I make a habit of visiting the blogs my readers.  The photography at her beautiful blog is sensual without being pornographic and her gorgeous prose borders on poetry.  Upon submerging myself into the artistic ruminations of this Italian muse, I found myself inspired to compose a sonnet (below) in this ‘duet’ with a beautiful rose.  I encourage you to visit her blog.  –dafree whitewolfe


Ci sono momenti in cui si deve vivere la vita attraverso la vita degli altri.

Altri che soffrono,

altri che ti hanno aspettato a lungo,

altri che dopo anni di silenzio finalmente parlano.

Altri che hanno bisogno di un compagno nell’attesa delle loro attese.

E altri per i quali il tempo che passa nell’aspettare è già un dono.

Non sai bene se la vita è viaggio, se è sogno,

se è attesa,

se è un piano che si svolge giorno dopo giorno

e non te ne accorgi se non guardando all’indietro.

Non sai se ha senso in certi momenti il senso,

non conta, contano i legami.. Simona ♥ http://imieialtiebassi.wordpress.com


shades of melancholy

(to the Muse of muses and her shadows)


« Ci sono momenti in cui si deve vivere la vita attraverso la vita degli altri. »  -Simona



there are moments when one finds oneself pausing

the senses tentative uncertain frozen

one finds oneself in such moments pondering

memories crushing the senses come unbidden


dansing through beethoven or perhaps schubert


clarity in a delicate pas de deux

with obscurity allowing silence to speak

of others who have or are and will suffer too

whose expectations are suddenly not oblique


rushing through chopin perhaps gushing through liszt


others who cannot meet lover’s expectations

whose expectations  are lacking understanding

whose ambitions exclude being blue companions

but include mistral words unveiling
coy angling


pulsating through debussy or perhaps ravel


if our lives are a journey why all this scheming

if what one does or does not seems not to matter

is it amidst such still moments of our dreaming

that one perceives that all crystaline dreams shatter


as music stains the rose shades of melancholy


so when one pauses pondering the senses sensing



the rose commences her withering and  fading


chrétien marc valentin

((© 04 août 2014)

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3 Responses to duets with other poets – Simona

  1. Simona says:

    Ciao.. ti auguro una bella giornata GRAZIE!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. feministepoetique says:

    Hi, I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award :http://feministepoetique.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/very-inspiring-blogger-award/


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