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Zionist Crackpot Outside Kedem Shop in Manchester

Zionist Crackpot Outside Kedem Shop in Manchester. …luv madstoffa! i am both jewish (polish grand-mother survived the pogrom) and catholic, but was an evangelical ASSembly of God protestant: I militate against Fundamentalism wherever I encounter as does my brother of … Continue reading

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autumns symphonies – a pas de deux, vi (final movement) return of shulamite return o messiah

  Parole de Les Coeurs Tendres: A  Pas de Deux of Ancient Lovers* (to my Muse of muses) Return O Shulamite Return O Messiah vi “Before wary minds knowing unchary harts are unknowing: So Ruach lifts up Nefesh as Chayyah … Continue reading

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